Progress in the effort to map all the proteins made by human chromosomes.

Human Proteome Project (C-HPP), a 10-year initiative to map all the proteins produced by genes on human chromosomes. The C-HPP was launched last year, and organizers of the effort envision a close to their activities occurring in September of 2022. The current issue of the Journal of Proteome Research is devoted entirely updating the progress of the international teams of scientists involved with the C-HPP.

My genetic code on my iPhone?

A guy walks into a bar. Says hey baby check out my genome? Or checks in at CVS to ensure he us right for prescription

Human Genome by the "numbers"

Interesting article about Human Genome "numbers"

Search of DNA Sequences Reveals Full Identities Uh Oh

Dr. Erlich began with one man from the database. He got the Y chromosome’s short tandem repeats and then went to genealogy databases and searched for men with those same repeats. He got surnames of the paternal and maternal grandfather. Then he did a Google search for those people and found an obituary. That gave him the family tree.
“Now I knew the whole family,” Dr. Erlich said. And it was so simple, so fast.

Search of DNA Sequences Reveals Full Identities -

FLU season worst in Decades

The stock holders of Walgreen's and CVS thank all that skipped getting a safe and effective vaccination to protect not only yourself but others from this years rather extreme virulent flu.