Invitrogen to buy Applied Biosystems for $6.4B

Invitrogen Corp., which makes technologies for disease research and drug discovery, on Thursday agreed to pay $6.4 billion in cash and stock for scientific instruments maker Applera's Applied Biosystems Group.

Invitrogen to buy Applied Biosystems for $6.4B: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Gen-Probe makes bid on Innogenetics- Belgium

Gen-Probe said its offer for Innogenetics NV would create the biggest “stand-alone” molecular diagnostics company, with close to $500 million in annual sales, and open a beachhead in Europe for its clinical test products. Sales of molecular diagnostics in Europe are expected to rise 24 percent a year until 2011, double the rate of the U.S. market. > News > Business -- Gen-Probe makes bid on biotech in Belgium

Key heart health protein found using frogs

In their findings, published in the journal Nature, they described how they zeroed in on the protein, IGFBP-4, and then removed it from tadpoles after their hearts were formed. "After the molecule was knocked down, their hearts became smaller and smaller and finally disappeared," Issei Komuro at the Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan said in a telephone interview. "I hope we can use the molecule for cardiac regeneration after heart failure (in people)," he said.

Key heart health protein found using frogs Science Reuters