On October 23rd, 2007 a cool indie movie, RAPID EYE MOVEMENT, will be officially released and available on DVD. This indie thriller is 90 minutes of fast paced excitement! It stars Kansas Carradine in her feature debut, (daughter of KILL BILL 1 and KILL BILL 2's David Carradine), along with Federic Vial, who is the star of the BMW Motorcycle Films. Just in time for Halloween, this film has received 3.5 out of 4 stars on Dr. Royce Clemens is quoting as saying, “As it stands, RAPID EYE MOVEMENT is a very impressive work that shows great promise. And in the land of the timid, I was blown away by the film’s insistence upon itself and the Mad-Prophet zeal of Tuckman himself.”

The film was shot on a shoe string budget with the heart and soul of true indie filmmaking and will keep you entertained to the very twisted ending.

You can check out the trailer at:

and buy your own copy at:

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