Professors Develop ANTI Cancer Protein

A protein that can stop the spread of certain cancer cells without damaging normal cells.

Thomas Pento and Roger Harrison helped develop a fusion protein that keeps some types of cancer cells from ingesting a vital protein called methionine. The fusion protein doesn't affect normal cells because, unlike cancer cells, they can be healthy without that protein

Okla. Professors Develop Cancer Protein -

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Ryan said...

Sorry this is off topic, but I'm trying to get a question answered, and don't have a lot of people to discuss it with.

I've been interested for some time in the effect of ascorbate on drug detoxification (via glutathione production) and prevention of tolerance. Maybe you could help me sort something out?

I know that ascorbate is capable of increasing detoxification and clearance of various drugs. However there's been at least (__
"">one study
__ suggesting that it may allow certain drugs to be used without danger of dependence or addiction. Is this true, or was the study poorly designed, with the lack of dependance due entirely to more rapid drug clearance?



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