Gene Therapy Used to Cure Mice Blindness

In a paper published online in Tuesday's edition of Nature Medicine, the Florida scientists working with Jackson research scientist Bo Chang describe their use of a harmless virus to deliver corrective genes to mice with a genetic impairment that deprives them of vision. The discovery shows that it's possible to target and rescue cone cells, the most important cells for visual sharpness and color vision in people.

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Wake-up call to genes may lead to cure for baldness

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania believe they may have found it. In experiments on mice they have shown that when a wound heals, instead of forming scar tissue it can be stimulated to regenerate skin complete with hair follicles and oil glands by introducing proteins involved in hair follicle development (known as "wnt" proteins).

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Professors Develop ANTI Cancer Protein

A protein that can stop the spread of certain cancer cells without damaging normal cells.

Thomas Pento and Roger Harrison helped develop a fusion protein that keeps some types of cancer cells from ingesting a vital protein called methionine. The fusion protein doesn't affect normal cells because, unlike cancer cells, they can be healthy without that protein

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Elusive 'ambulance' cells are created

The cells that help build the body's supply of blood and arteries have been created from human embryonic stem cells in substantial numbers for the first time, scientists reported Monday.
The cells have shown promise in lab animal treatment of diabetes, heart disease and wounds

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