Seas Yield Surprising Catch of Unknown Genes - Venter's Voyage

Perhaps most exciting, said study leader J. Craig Venter, is that the rate of discovery of new genes and proteins -- the building blocks of life -- was as great at the end of the voyage as it was at the start, suggesting that humanity is nowhere close to closing the logbooks on global biodiversity.
"Instead of being at the end of discovery, it means we're in the earliest stages," said Venter, chairman of the J. Craig Venter Institute, a nonprofit gene research center. "That is a pretty stunning view."

Seas Yield Surprising Catch of Unknown Genes -

BioBOOM Op/Ed: As our sea going hero of the "omics" era continues his ability to discover....How would you like to be in a business model that will last some time?
We read from this that those companies supplying tools, instruments, infomatics and reagents to support the laboratory based "mining" effort of genes and proteins are in for a continued long term ride it seems. Way to go Craig!

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