QIAGEN Agrees to Acquire Gentra Systems Inc

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Is this more big fish eating little fish or just a smart use of money? You can spend millions a year fighting them in the market or just buy the buggars. Of course we don't see much staying around in Minnesota now. Gives Qiagen a dominating position in the molecular diagnostic front end. In the other market segments it looks like the battle is joined now with Qiagen and the two other "majors" Invitrogen and Sigma-Aldrich.

One thought = what does Gentra' distributors do? Sure they will want to continue selling DNA and RNA prep and not just let Qiagen get the revenue. Keep an eye on Promega, Epicenter, Tepnel and Zymo Research. Any other wanna be's don't have any differentiation, products for clinical like viral RNA, nor the type of management needed to grow in that market.

QIAGEN Agrees to Acquire Gentra Systems Inc.: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

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