Testicles may provide a better kind of stem cell

Men may be carrying in their testicles an almost limitless supply of spare part cells for treating disease and injury, research has suggested. It could become possible to harvest the stem cells from testicles and grow them into specialised tissues for treating conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and paralysis. As the cells would come from the patient’s own body, they would be a precise genetic match and would not risk rejection. This source of tissue would thus remove any need for therapeutic cloning.

Testicles may provide a better kind of stem cell - World - Times Online

BioBOOM Op/Ed: In possibly related stories there is expected to be a big decline in male to female sex change operations and adult video arcades are now selling, for big profit, any floor mopping material which in the past they disposed of. (just kidding) Sure we will hear more along these lines from Jay Leno and others. Stay tuned...

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