Parents Sue Over Pregnancy Test Said to Tell Baby's Sex

Acu-Gen Biolab of Lowell, Mass., said the kit could detect the gender of the fetus with 99.9 percent accuracy — and as early as five weeks into pregnancy. The test costs $275 and comes with a 200 percent money-back guarantee. In the suit, the claimants said they relied on the company's promise to refund the fee if their tests weren't accurate, but when they tried to get their money back, the company refused to provide a refund and instead changed the terms of the refund policy, acccording to the lawsuit

ABC News: Parents Sue Over Pregnancy Test Said to Tell Baby's Sex

BioBOOM Op/Ed: This the Boy's "R" Us story?
We can only hope these charitans get hammered. A diagnostic with no data? Or better yet we are going to start selling some new collect at home tests with no data or claims ourselves.... seems like good money. Hello FDA - this is the kind of thing you should be stopping instead of the painstaking efforts you some times make proper scientifically founded assays jump thru hoops. Worse yet you restrict from use when there is data and proper claims. But hey if you wanna try it go here:

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