Paging Dr. Google

Google also has proved very useful to physicians and clinical researchers. As one fellow told his professor during grand rounds in a New York hospital, "I entered the salient features into Google, and [the diagnosis] popped right up" (Giustini, BMJ, 12/24/05). Google operates both the general search engine, as well as Google Scholar. Google Scholar is not linked to the general search engine but instead uses an algorithm to targeted so-called scholarly material. Google also offers an image search, which is useful to clinicians who can search clinical cases and then find corresponding images online.

Whether or not we'll be able to Google our genes by 2010, Google surely will be a top reference source for consumers, clinicians and researchers. The company is moving at breakneck speed for growth in all areas, hiring the best and brightest techies around the world. Clearly, health care is among Google's most important vertical markets.

Paging Dr. Google - iHealthBeat - Daily News Digest on Health Care Information Technology

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Great article and it should be noted another reason good marketing in biotech needs to deal with this access point.

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