Colon cancer test is promising

Epigenomics in Seattle has the potential to help doctors spot colorectal cancer sooner -- before symptoms appear -- and when relatively tolerable treatments offer an excellent chance for survival.
The molecular diagnostics company said this past week that studies on more than 2,000 blood samples showed its test can detect an altered gene associated with colorectal cancer from 50 percent to 65 percent of the time, in both early and advanced cancer. The current standard of practise - the fecal blood test, misses many cancers. Its sensitivity is about 20 or 30 percent -- about half the sensitivity Epigenomics reported -- when used as part of an annual program

Colon cancer test is promising |

BioBOOM Op/Ed: This is good news, especially to those of us as we reached 40 had to do the in-home stool test collecton kit made by Beckman. That has to be the worst designed process we have ever seen. We even wrote the CEO of Beckman Coulter to complain but did we get a response? Nooooooo.... maybe another example of out of touch management in diagnostics. Glad to see there is a new approach and one that is using MDx technology.

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