Bird Flu Gene Analysis Finds New Clue

St. Jude researchers reported in the journal Science that they have completed the first large genetic analysis of more than 300 of these bird flu viruses. They identified 2,196 bird flu genes and 160 complete genomes, doubling the amount of genetic information available for scientists to study how these viruses evolve and spread over time. Simply having that new trove of gene information — posted in a public genetic database so that any scientist can mine it — in itself is a huge step, said Dr. Maria Giovanni of the National Institutes of Health which has launched a major project to map influenza genomes and helped to fund the St. Jude's work. So far, most of the complete influenza genomes available are from human viruses.

Bird Flu Gene Analysis Finds New Clue - Yahoo! News

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Ok folks here is where our investment in the genome project could pay off early. Lots of tool have been developed to speed up sequencing and similar to the off shoot of engineering from the investment in the space program during the 60's we now see similar affects this century from the genome project and hopefully, right when we might need it.

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