Experts to Create Genetic Map of Cancer

Tuesday, the government unveiled a $100 million project to speed discovery of culprits and cures, the first step toward a comprehensive map of cancer's genetic makeup. It's an audacious project — the technology to even try it wasn't available just a few years ago. All the data from The Cancer Genome Atlas — abbreviated, in a bit of scientist humor, TCGA to reflect the four "letters" of DNA's code — will be made public for use by scientists anywhere in the world.The first step is the three-year pilot project announced Tuesday, to focus on two or three cancer types, chosen within the next few months, to ensure the larger goal of a complete cancer gene map is technologically doable

Experts to Create Genetic Map of Cancer - Yahoo! News:

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Anyone telling you that the biotech tools market is not going to grow and just needs to consolidate are lame or maybe just maybe they hope your going bail out their overpriced acquizitions.... $700 million for bird flu research and now this $100 million project for cancer.....Looks like the genome project era all over again soon. Bring on the band!

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