Harvard affiliated hospitals to share large detailed tissue sample database in hopes to speed cancer cures

Since World War II, many cancer patients who have had surgery at a Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals have left a small piece of their tumor to science. These clumps of human cells have been frozen in liquid nitrogen or preserved in paraffin blocks the size of small Post-it notes -- and they now fill giant freezers and floor-to-ceiling shelves in hospital basements and off-site warehouses. The value of this tissue trove has soared in recent years with the successful cataloging of humans genes.

Harvard hopes database will speed cancer cures - The Boston Globe

BioBOOM Op/Ed: This program should be a "BOOM" to research and discovery. We call upon any and all databases with tissue banks or libraries, especially those that had any gov't funding to be opened up and used in similar programs. It would advance cancer research quickly. There maybe resistance by some who are greedy and "think" due to position or history that they have some exclusive right to these samples. We know your game. We say BS! Let's go Sloan Kettering, Johns Hopkins, Mayo and others..... Open it up since it was mostly grants directly or indirectly funded by taxpayers to gather these valuable samples. If not we suggest Congress consider use of Eminent Domain!


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