Australian company to launch bird flu tests for H5N1

A Perth-based biotech, Rockeby Biomed, said on Tuesday it had stitched up a deal with Pacific Biotech in Thailand, giving it exclusive rights to two bird flu tests in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and South Africa. The first test, which takes 10 minutes, will be used on bird faeces and blood to detect the bird flu strain, avian influenza virus antigen, HSN1. A second rapid-screening test will be used on people to detect the deadly H5N1 strain, which is known to have killed 63 people in four Asian countries since first discovered in the region two years ago and has led to the culling of 150 million birds worldwide

Australian Financial Review -

BioBOOM Op/Ed: With all the money flowing in after H5N1 we expect more and more press releases relating to new tests or claimed technical breakouts from companies in the sector due to the bird flu threat. Gee thier stock went up too...go figure


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