Health Stocks in Motion - Invitrogen and Serologicals Down

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Just goes to show you that two companies who have been more aggressive than most in acquiring other tool companies also seemed to have had a soft 3rd quarter that did not meet expectations. Seems their shareholders are now paying for it with a significant drop in valuation and some downgrades.

Health Stocks in Motion

Findings identify likely origins of prostate cancer

Doctors found these merged genes in nearly 80% of 29 prostate cancer samples, says Arul Chinnaiyan, a professor at the University of Michigan Medical School who directed the study. None of the 50 samples of non-cancerous tissue had the genes, he says. This may allow doctors to begin to divide prostate cancer — which is now treated as a single disease — into different types. Doctors have been treating breast cancer this way for years: - Findings identify likely origins of prostate cancer

New DNA Map Will Help Find Bad Genes

Scientists have mapped patterns of tiny DNA differences that distinguish one person from another, an achievement that will help researchers find genes that promote common illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

New DNA Map Will Help Find Bad Genes - Yahoo! News

BioBOOM Op/ED: Ok now we got the announcement on what is essentially the SNP map. Will this mean a reduction in some business for companies that focus in that area. Last time Collins showed up holding a map at the white house on the genome it sent the biotech discovery market valuations on a long decline.

Turned-off genes linked to ovarian cancer

Two genes that are turned off in ovarian cancer cells could provide an early test for the illness known as the silent killer, Austrian scientists said on Tuesday. Researchers at the Medical University of Vienna have identified five genes that have very low activity in ovarian cancer. Two, called N33 and NFA6R, do not work in most cases.

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Britain: Bird Flu Is Deadly H5N1 Strain

The British government said Sunday that a strain of bird flu that killed a parrot in quarantine is the deadly H5N1 strain that has plagued Asia and recently spread to Europe.

South Korea Opens Stem Cell Research Bank - Circumvents US Government Restrictions on Cloning

A bank that will create and supply new lines of embryonic stem cells for scientists around the world opened in Seoul yesterday as part of a global partnership to help scientists in countries such as the United States get around government restrictions on cloning. Research South Korea opens stem cell research bank

In a crisis, creating DNA vaccine could help save lives, slow spread of 'bird flu'

Researchers scrambling to combat a virulent form of bird flu that could mutate into a form easily spread among humans should consider developing vaccines based on DNA, according to British biochemical engineers. DNA vaccines, they say, can be produced more rapidly than conventional vaccines and could possibly save thousands of lives if a global influenza outbreak occurs.
RedNova News - Health - In a crisis, creating DNA vaccine could help save lives, slow spread of 'bird flu'

Bayer Offers New Antibiotic With Promise in Fight on TB

In an unusual step, Bayer Healthcare announced yesterday that it had agreed to allow its most promising new antibiotic, moxifloxacin, be tested against tuberculosis, a disease that kills 5,000 people a day and is the immediate cause of death for a third of the world's AIDS victims. If the antibiotic substantially shortens TB treatment, which now typically lasts six months, the company will make millions of doses and sell them at low prices to poor countries. Bayer's decision is unusual because major drug companies rarely test their best-selling patented antibiotics against diseases of the poor - and virtually never test them against tuberculosis - for fear of hurting sales in rich countries. Bayer makes about $500 million a year from moxifloxacin, which it sells in the United States as Avelox and elsewhere as Avalox, Avelon, Megaxin, Actira and Izilox.

Bird flu has biotech in high-flying frenzy similar to Y2K?

Bird flu, the theory goes, could become a human flu and kill millions. Then again, nothing might happen. It might just remain an avian flu. In between those two outcomes, a lot of people are making a lot of money from biotechnology stocks.

Bird flu has biotech in high-flying frenzy - Comment & Analysis - Business:

Biotech firm launches test of HIV drug

KP-1461 is designed to randomly infiltrate the virus DNA, provoking rapid mutations that cause the virus to basically rot from within. Scientists hope the randomness of each attack KP-1461 could act on any one of 10,000 nucleotides will hinder HIV's ability to develop resistance.

The Seattle Times: Health: Biotech firm launches test of HIV drug:

Experiments May Overcome Stem-Cell Qualms

The new methods, detailed Sunday in the online edition of the journal Nature, seek to obtain the cells without destroying embryos.

Experiments May Overcome Stem-Cell Qualms - Yahoo! News

Bird Flu Virus Resistant to Tamiflu

Bird flu virus found in a Vietnamese girl was resistant to the main drug that's being stockpiled in case of a pandemic, a sign that it's important to keep a second drug on hand as well, a researcher said Friday.

Bird Flu Virus Resistant to Tamiflu - Yahoo! News

| Stem cell heart cure to be tested

There is growing evidence to suggest that stem cells may benefit people with serious heart conditions, such as heart failure or those who have had heart attacks.

BBC NEWS | Health | Stem cell heart cure to be tested

BioBOOM Op/Ed: This is going to be very interesting to follow. And no we are not killing innocent little heart embryos to do it. Although some idiot might think so.

Scientists create GM mosquitoes to fight malaria and save thousands of lives

Researchers added a gene that makes the testicles of the male mosquitoes fluorescent, allowing the scientists to distinguish and easily separate them from females. The plan is to breed, sterilise and release millions of these male insects so they mate with wild females but produce no offspring, eradicating insects in the target region within weeks

The Guardian | Scientists create GM mosquitoes

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Genetically modified glowing sterile mosquitoe testicals- this will surely complicate the "birds and bees lesson" for my daughter. Hopefully we can come up a with a similar approach to dealing with radical exteme islamics like Osama and his crowd. Free light show included!

Cheeseburgers are good for the gut

Eating - particularly eating fat-rich foods - causes cells in the small intestine to produce a helpful hormone called cholecystokinin , or CCK, according to research by Drs Misha Luyer and Wim Buurman.

Cheeseburgers are good for the gut

Embryonic Cells, No Embryo Needed: Hunting for Ways Out of an Impasse

The federal government will pay only for research with human embryonic stem cells that were created before Aug. 9, 2001. It will not pay for the creation of any new human embryonic stem cell lines. Scientists are free to use private funds, but that has not been easy, Dr. Daley said. "It's incredibly difficult to raise private money to sustain a reasonable research program," he explained. "The federal government funds 95 percent of what we do. So if the federal government will not fund embryonic stem cell research, we have to use ingenuity."

Embryonic Cells, No Embryo Needed: Hunting for Ways Out of an Impasse - New York Times

Injured Soldiers Bring Home Rare Infection

Researchers at both Walter Reed and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta initially thought the infections were caused by soil contamination of combat wounds -- A. baumannii exists in the environment and was found to be prevalent among injured Vietnam War veterans. Dr. Scott's study of 148 infected patients revealed that the cases are likely hospital-acquired and point to the need for improved institutional hygiene practices in military treatment facilities.

Soldiers Bring Home Rare Infection

After Delay, U.S. Faces Line for Flu Drug

After Delay, U.S. Faces Line for Flu Drug - New York Times: "'Secretary Leavitt admitted that they are currently in negotiations with Roche to try to rapidly build up those stockpiles,' Mr. Obama said. 'But we're behind countries like Great Britain, France and Japan, and it's probably going to cost us a lot more money than it would have to catch up.'"

Safer test for unborn babies

A team from the Chinese University of Hong Kong have identified foetal DNA in a mother's blood - which can now potentially be examined for problems.

BBC NEWS Health Safer test for unborn babies hope

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Well every 3 years someone claims or hopes to eliminate amniocentesis. Remember AI's effort or come to think about it doesnt the old Ortho Fetalsceen for Rh pos do that same thing?

Microbes: New evidence for courtroom

Combining lessons from such missteps with advances in microbiology like gene sequencing, scientists and law enforcement authorities are now working together to make "microbial forensics" as potent an investigative tool as DNA evidence. Each microbe, whether anthrax, HIV or E. coli, has its own genetic signature, which can be used to trace the source of a disease outbreak

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