The "Postive" Era of Gentically Modified Foods is Upon Us.

� Sugar beets that produce fructans, a sweet-tasting type of sugar that is indigestible � a plus in weight management.

� Soybeans containing low levels of linolenic acid, thereby eliminating the need for hydrogenation, a chemical process that increases soy oil's shelf-life but produces harmful trans-fatty acids.

� Soybeans and other oilseed crops with increased levels of beneficial fatty acids, such as canola, which contains high levels of stearic acid.

� White corn with higher levels of unsaturated fat.

� Sunflowers with oil low in saturated fat but higher in oleic acid content.

� Soybeans with increased sucrose content that taste better and are more easily digested.

� Vegetables that ripen more slowly, allowing more time to travel from field to market.

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Now they are getting it. Instead of genetics to just save money how about genetic modification to give us better health. This is what will turn the debate around. Although I would rather eat corn with a gene agains bore resistant than pesticide but hey thats just me.


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