Jury Awards Widow $253.4M in Vioxx Trial

Texas jury found pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. liable Friday for the death of a man who took the once-popular painkiller Vioxx, awarding his widow $253.4 million in damages in the first of thousands of lawsuits pending across the country. The jury broke down the damage award as $450,000 in economic damages — Robert Ernst's lost pay as a Wal-Mart produce manager; $24 million for mental anguish and loss of companionship, and $229 million in punitive damages.

Jury Awards Widow $253.4M in Vioxx Trial - Yahoo! News

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Nothing personal but was a 59 year old man really going to earn, from lost wages, $450,000 at Walmart? And damn we are alot younger so time to tell the spouse we are worth millions in just companionship. Someone lock up these attorney's nows! PASS THE LAWS to restrict this crap. Couple of million and she still lives like a queen but 200+?? Come ON!?? Wasn't this guy with poor health anyways? Gotta love those Texans in a "red state" who complain about this kind of thing and then stick it to those east coast pharma big shots. Hope none of the jurists need better drugs in the future. Who do they think will pay for this in the long run. We all will in the cost of buying. We did learn that Merk was wrong and that unethical marketing practices for the almight dollar doesn't pay off if the objection you overcoming in the sales process is someones death. So we do think they deserve the hit but maybe some percent of money should go to something else beside attorneys and surviors.


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Vioxx health - Merck Earns Fall After Vioxx Withdrawal NEW YORK (Reuters) -

Merck Earns Fall After Vioxx Withdrawal
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Merck & Co. MRK.N on Thursday said first-quarter profit fell 15 percent following the withdrawal of its arthritis drug Vioxx last year. Link to original article
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