Fed legislation could imperil CA's stem cell efforts

The bill, proposed by Sens. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., and Mary Landrieu, D-La., would prevent the research that is to be funded under Proposition 71, California's $3 billion investment in stem cell research, they said. The House has passed a companion bill sponsored by Rep. David Weldon, R-Fla. The bills define human cloning too broadly, thereby criminalizing the procedure of making exact copies of cells that is thought to be essential to embryonic stem cell research, Klein said. Along with imposing prison terms and up to $10 million fines on scientists who perform such a procedure, the bills would make it illegal for Americans to travel abroad to receive the product of the banned research, Klein said.

Legislation could imperil state's stem cell efforts | The San Diego Union-Tribune

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Nice day for the religious right, 1st we get a preacher calling for assination and now learn some yahoo's in congress are trying to impose their strange concepts in a bill which jeopardizes future research. Sure we'll soon learn that they are putting 13 yr old boys in jail for masterbation because they are killing potential life too.

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