Amylin Seen Funding 'Massive' Phase III Trials

The biotech firm announced a shelf offering of about 5 million shares to raise cash of about $152 million.

Amylin Seen Funding 'Massive' Phase III Trials -

BioBOOM Op/Ed: How do you say Dilution? Oh well guess they feel they need the cash and if this helps correct the recent 50% run up in price it will present a good buying opportunity long term. This is a winner either way.

New Orleans and Mississippi = Higher Death Tolls Feared

The waters of swollen Lake Pontchartrain poured into this sunken city today through a gaping hole in a storm-damaged levee, as emergency workers labored to stanch the flow and used boats and helicopters to rescue hundreds of people stranded on rooftops. Hospitals were running out of power and scrambling to find places to take their patients. At one clinic, broken glass littered some areas and patients and staff had fallen on floors slick with floodwaters. Nurses were ventilating patients by hand after the power and then the backup generator failed. Some 300 patients had yet to be evacuated, but the babies in intensive care had been flown out.

Rescuers Search for Survivors as Higher Death Tolls Are Feared - New York Times

BioBOOM Op/Ed Prediction: Polluted waters causing cholera and dysentery, stagnant water with millions of mosquitoes leading to hundreds of cases of West Nile. Rabid animals causing rabies. Toxins causing cancer. Anarchy in the streets, looting, murders, fires and folks just trying to help and fix homes getting electrocuted. This is not over folks and sadly will get worse before it gets better. New Orleans and Mississippi might have been consider some back country before, now it becomes 3rd world. What we don't get is that the response from the President is crap now my vacation had to end early and cool I can get away from the protestors. Hey dude what about the strategic petroleum reserve? #$% DO SOMETHING! Your not saving anything else for the next generation so why save the oil?

Celera Diagnostics Identifies New Heart Attack Genes...

Variations in human genes may raise a person's risk of a heart attack as much as smoking or high blood pressure, according to new findings from Celera Diagnostics. The research company says it has linked variations in four genes with an increased risk for heart attack. None of the genes had been previously associated with a heart attack, and the discovery could lead to new treatments for coronary heart disease. Celera says the gene variants identified can cause the same kind of increased risk for a heart attack as high cholesterol, hypertension or smoking.

Celera Diagnostics Identifies New Heart Attack Genes...

New Process May Lead to Mad Cow Diagnosis

Researchers have developed a method of multiplying the number prions in a blood sample so a blood test then can detect them. Such a test could help prevent the spread of the disease through transfusions and could detect the illness in people or animals before it can be spread to others.The findings, to appear in the September issue of the journal Nature Medicine, were released online Sunday

New Process May Lead to Mad Cow Diagnosis - Yahoo! News: "

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Is this a magic bullet for prions and proteins, similar to what PCR did for nucleic acids detection? Time will tell.

Research improves hopes for cancer vaccine

A special stretch of genetic material may turn off the immune suppression that stymies attempts to fight cancer with a vaccine, said researchers at Baylor College of Medicine at Houston. Dr. Rong-Fu Wang, a professor in the BCM Center for Cell and Gene Therapy and Department of Immunology, and his colleagues describe a new strategy to turn off the function of a special group of T cells to suppress immune response to tumors and even infectious diseases.

Research improves hopes for cancer vaccine - Baylor College of Medicine

Life-Lengthening Hormone Found in Mouse Research

Scientists have identified a hormone that significantly extends the life span of mice, a discovery that could mark a crucial step toward developing drugs that boost longevity in people. The hormone is the first substance identified that is produced naturally in mammals, including humans, and can extend life span -- a long-sought goal in the intense effort to help people live longer.

Life-Lengthening Hormone Found in Mouse Research

Calif. Targets 39 Companies in Drug Suit

"We're going to drag these drug companies into courts of law because they've been gouging the public," California Attorney General Bill Lockyer said at a news conference. "We estimate each of the pharmaceutical companies could be liable for up to $30 to $40 million."

Calif. Targets 39 Companies in Drug Suit

Fed legislation could imperil CA's stem cell efforts

The bill, proposed by Sens. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., and Mary Landrieu, D-La., would prevent the research that is to be funded under Proposition 71, California's $3 billion investment in stem cell research, they said. The House has passed a companion bill sponsored by Rep. David Weldon, R-Fla. The bills define human cloning too broadly, thereby criminalizing the procedure of making exact copies of cells that is thought to be essential to embryonic stem cell research, Klein said. Along with imposing prison terms and up to $10 million fines on scientists who perform such a procedure, the bills would make it illegal for Americans to travel abroad to receive the product of the banned research, Klein said.

Legislation could imperil state's stem cell efforts | The San Diego Union-Tribune

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Nice day for the religious right, 1st we get a preacher calling for assination and now learn some yahoo's in congress are trying to impose their strange concepts in a bill which jeopardizes future research. Sure we'll soon learn that they are putting 13 yr old boys in jail for masterbation because they are killing potential life too.

Amylin, Alkermes soar on Byetta data

"The companies said that after 15 weeks, the once-weekly doses of exenatide LAR were well-tolerated and expected therapeutic blood levels were achieved. Dose-dependent improvements in hemoglobin A1C -- a measure of glucose control -- and weight loss also were observed"

Amylin, Alkermes soar on Byetta data - Yahoo! News:

Genetic Material May Aid SARS Treatment

Researchers reported Sunday that snippets called interfering RNA can reduce an existing infection in monkeys and help protect them from new ones

Genetic Material May Aid SARS Treatment - Yahoo! News

Jury Awards Widow $253.4M in Vioxx Trial

Texas jury found pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. liable Friday for the death of a man who took the once-popular painkiller Vioxx, awarding his widow $253.4 million in damages in the first of thousands of lawsuits pending across the country. The jury broke down the damage award as $450,000 in economic damages — Robert Ernst's lost pay as a Wal-Mart produce manager; $24 million for mental anguish and loss of companionship, and $229 million in punitive damages.

Jury Awards Widow $253.4M in Vioxx Trial - Yahoo! News

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Nothing personal but was a 59 year old man really going to earn, from lost wages, $450,000 at Walmart? And damn we are alot younger so time to tell the spouse we are worth millions in just companionship. Someone lock up these attorney's nows! PASS THE LAWS to restrict this crap. Couple of million and she still lives like a queen but 200+?? Come ON!?? Wasn't this guy with poor health anyways? Gotta love those Texans in a "red state" who complain about this kind of thing and then stick it to those east coast pharma big shots. Hope none of the jurists need better drugs in the future. Who do they think will pay for this in the long run. We all will in the cost of buying. We did learn that Merk was wrong and that unethical marketing practices for the almight dollar doesn't pay off if the objection you overcoming in the sales process is someones death. So we do think they deserve the hit but maybe some percent of money should go to something else beside attorneys and surviors.

A Summer Surge For Volatile Biotech

The industry has delivered a slew of new products in recent years, and its revenue is growing rapidly, hitting $46 billion in the United States in 2004, up 17 percent in one year. The industry could reach profitability as early as 2008, Ernst & Young predicted.

A Summer Surge For Volatile Biotech

Role of MicroRNA Identified in Breast Cancer

Newly identified molecules may comprise a master network controlling genes and protein production throughout the body, according to scientists from the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSU CCC). microRNA (miRNA) is actually a collection of hundreds of snippets of noncoding RNA, typically no more than 22 nucleotides in length

Genetic Engineering News - Role of MicroRNA Identified in Breast Cancer

Scientists Claim to Invent Urine Batteries

Singapore scientists said they have invented a urine-activated credit-card sized battery that can be used in test kits

Scientists Claim to Invent Urine Batteries - Yahoo! News

A New Lab Partner For The U.S.?

Experts worry that China is investing heavily in key areas like biotech and nanotech while U.S. funding for the National Institutes of Health has leveled off after a five-year doubling. Spending in some areas of the physical sciences has actually declined in real dollars.

A New Lab Partner For The U.S.?

Crocodile blood may yield powerful new drugs - HIV???

The crocodile's immune system is much more powerful than that of humans, preventing life-threatening infections after savage territorial fights. Tests showed that the reptile's immune system kills HIV.

Crocodile blood may yield powerful new drugs - Yahoo! News

BioBOOM Op/Ed: This is not the first drug development work from a reptile yet it sure is hopeful. Today we have the 1st FDA approved from Amylin (gila monster lizard spit). Now neither of these use the blood or spit but rather are doing various genetic discovery processes to identify and map the functioning genes or protiens. Tremendous technical breakthrough for diabetes. We are watching that stock price continue to increase with rapid revenue growth. It will be huge over time and we hope this crock study will too.

Doctors' Links With Investors Raise Concerns

Nearly 10 percent of the nation's 700,000 doctors have signed up as consultants with a new segment of the investment industry - companies that act as the of the investment world, according to an article in The Journal of the American Medical Association. For a fee, they arrange conversations between investors and leading professionals, experts or even employees of major companies.

Doctors' Links With Investors Raise Concerns - New York Times

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Follow the money......let's just say these "groups', Gerson Lehrman Group of New York and Swann & Company of Boston should wear a pimp outfit.

DNA technology brings personal gene maps closer

These new methods have already proven useful in clinics -- enabling doctors to tailor more effective drug regimens to combat lung cancer and HIV. Researchers have also used one of these strategies to figure out how a drug works against tuberculosis, leading to one of the first new TB medications discovered in the past 40 years. ''Traditional sequencing would have taken too long, have been too costly, and we simply wouldn't have done it" said Peter Verhasselt, research scientist at Johnson and Johnson who used the 454 method of DNA sequencing for TB research.

DNA technology brings personal gene maps closer - The Boston Globe

FLA Lawmakers hinge stem cell campaign on new Scripps Institute

Lawmakers are anchoring the stem cell debate with the arrival of the prestigious Scripps Research Institute and the $800 million of public money promised to the biotech venture.

AP Wire | 08/14/2005 | Lawmakers hinge stem cell campaign on new Scripps Institute

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Hey Scripps, hope the knots on that hand tied behind your back aren't too tight. Look who's the Gov there...? What were you thinking?

NFL Teams to Use Pill to Monitor Body Heat

There was no way for trainers to monitor players' core temperatures on that sweltering July day when Stringer collapsed, no definitive way to tell that his massive body was overheating beyond its threshold. But now there is, in the form of a swallowed capsule that measures core body temperature as it passes through the digestive system, and the Vikings — along with a few other NFL teams — are using it.

NFL Teams to Use Pill to Monitor Body Heat - Yahoo! News

New HIV Treatment Strategy Shows Promise

A new treatment strategy has shown promise in helping to transform HIV into a curable infection. Preliminary research published this week in The Lancet medical journal outlines how scientists used an anti-convulsant drug to awaken dormant HIV hiding in the body, where it is temporarily invisible but still dangerous.

New HIV Treatment Strategy Shows Promise - Yahoo! News

Rice Genome Decoded, Better Crops Expected

An international team of scientists has deciphered the genetic code of rice, an advance that should speed improvements in a crop that feeds more than half the world's population. It's the first crop plant to have its genome sequenced, which means scientists identified virtually all the 389 million chemical building blocks of its DNA. Certain sequences of these building blocks form genes, like letters spelling words.

Rice Genome Decoded, Better Crops Expected

Senator seeks probe of drug researcher payments

A top Republican senator on Monday urged the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department to look into a report that Wall Street investors paid researchers to reveal confidential information about ongoing drug studies.

Politics News Article |

BioBOOM Op/Ed: One investigative news article, couple influencial blog comments and web postings, few phone calls to Washington and whalaa.....some brokerage firms and unethical researchers are going to be running for cover. Hope they also look into the naked shorting games of brokers and hedge funds, which as we write, are abusing some good biotech companies such as AMLN and OSUR.

Drug researchers leak secrets to Wall St.

Doctors testing new drugs are sworn to keep their research secret until drug companies announce the final results. But elite Wall Street firms — looking to make quick profits —have found a way to harvest these secrets: They pay doctors to divulge the details early. A Seattle Times investigation found at least 26 cases in which doctors have leaked confidential and critical details of their ongoing drug research to Wall Street firms.

The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Drug researchers leak secrets to Wall St.

BioBOOM Op/Ed: BUSTED! Would love to see someone go up the river without the proverbial paddle on this kind of thing.

Quest Diagnostics to acquire LabOne for $934M

It brings Quest extra business in life insurance testing, an area in which it has not led the market. "The deal fits strategically, though some holders likely prefer share buybacks," Dolliver wrote. "Quest Diagnostics enters the life insurance testing market with a leading position." Quest plans to finance the deal through a combination of cash on hand, available credit facilities and public debt.

Quest Diagnostics to acquire LabOne for $934M - Health-Care - M&A

BioBOOM OP/Ed: Strong move into the insurance testing market. We watched this business at Lab One (formerly HORL) which was started by a pathologist group and futuristic thinking sales and marketing type, Jim Osborn. Who sold it for a tidy sum and when his non-compete ran out then created Osborn Labs which later was merged back into Lab One. These were truely the first "macro" laboratories providing some of the early advances in high throughput processing. Key for the business has been the relationships with clients (insurance industry) and the lab. They were, at one time, owned as a service entity by the re-insurance principles. We once thought, as Clinton Adminstration was working on their imploded health care proposal, that if the gov't became defacto insurance of last resort - these kinds of operations may not only do risk assessment for life insurance applications but also pre-emptive screening for health insurance clients. For example wouldn't it be better to pay for HCV sceening now on a routine basis than a liver transplant if not detected and treated early? Could routine screening come as an added benefit to your policy IF they couldn't drop you? Genetic screening opens all kinds of ideas .... funny despite the paranoid claims these labs didn't do any genetic screening. Most simply are doing drug abuse work for truck drivers, 100k+ levels for HIV so someone won't lie on an insurance application nd the same for nicotine = say you don't smoke? Well you better not come up positive on the nicotine test

Avian Flu Vaccine Set for U.S. Production

Preliminary data from the first 115 of the initial tests on 450 healthy adults showed an immune response that scientists believe is strong enough to protect against the avian influenza that's spreading among birds in Asia and Russia. An influenza pandemic similar to the one in 1918 that killed 50 million people would require hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine, BUT the handful of companies that now make influenza vaccines cannot produce the new bird flu vaccine and the regular seasonal flu vaccine at the same time...stay tuned

Avian Flu Vaccine Set for U.S. Production - Yahoo! News

'Cheap' genome sequencing now possible- scientists

George Church and colleagues at Harvard Medical School hope eventually to reduce the cost further to $1,000 per genome -- the entire DNA code of a person, plant or other organism. Their new method, described in a report in the journal Science, bypasses the traditional gel-based technology for analyzing DNA and instead uses color-coded beads, a microscope and a camera. It is considerably cheaper than the current methods, which cost an estimated $20 million for a human genome

Health News Article |

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Waiting for the day when we stop by CVS pharmacy and make sure they have our genome on file prior to filling our prescription.

Scientists pinpoint new breast cancer genes

University of Cambridge Professor Carlos Caldas, who reported his findings in the journal Oncogene, said scientists have been trying to pinpoint the new genes for two decades. He and his team used DNA microarray technology, which enables scientists to analyze the expression of many genes at the same time, to search for the breast cancer genes.

Health News Article |

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Great news and and exposure for microarray platforms. Routine use continues to expand.

Gene therapy works in mice to prevent blindness that strikes boys

Researchers injected a healthy version of the human RS1 gene to the sub-retinal space of the right eyes of 15-day-old male mice, which, like boys with the disease, don't have the healthy gene to maintain the retina. In terms of disease development, the condition in the mice was roughly equivalent to retinoschisis in a 10-year-old boy. Six months later, researchers looked at the interior of the eyes with a laser ophthalmoscope and found cyst formation was clearly evident in the untreated eyes, but the treated eyes appeared healthy. The eye's photoreceptor cells - the rods and cones that help the brain process light and color - were spared from the disease and the connections between the layers of the retinas were intact.

Gene therapy works in mice to prevent blindness that strikes boys

Master regulatory gene found that guides fate of blood-producing stem cells

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that a protein called NF-Ya activates several genes known to regulate the development of hematopoietic stem cells (HSC), or blood-producing stem cells, in bone marrow. Knowing the details of this pathway may one day lead to new treatments for such blood diseases as leukemia, as well as a better understanding of how HSCs work in the context of bone-marrow and peripheral-stem-cell transplantation. The authors published their findings in the early August issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Practically, the researchers' goal is to find a way to control stem-cell fate by biochemically turning NF-Ya on or off at will, to either make more stem cells in the case of bone-marrow failure and for transplantation, or to force the cells to differentiate, in the case of leukemia, where too many HSCs are made.

Master regulatory gene found that guides fate of blood-producing stem cells

Mayo Clinic collaboration invents 'virus in stealth' to help kill cancer cells

In the current issue of the Journal of Virology, the researchers describe how they invented a way to engineer an alternative outer covering (coat) for the virus, using pieces from an animal virus that cannot infect humans. The work is still experimental. But it is a key step forward in the science of redirecting or retargeting a virus through genetic engineering. Retargeted measles virus can recognize surface molecules found only on cancerous cells, allowing selective killing. In this way, retargeted cancer-killing viruses help the body, rather than harming it as natural viruses do when they infect cells.

Mayo Clinic collaboration invents 'virus in stealth' to help kill cancer cells

Qiagen buys two firms as focus shifts to Proteins

Qiagen acquires key assets of LumiCyte, which makes tools for protein analysis and SuNyx GmbH "On-Chip," Nanotechnology-Based Sample Preparation for LC-MALDI Mass Spectrometry.

Latest News and Financial Information |

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Nice purchases as they seem committed to investing heavily in the protein discovery and diagnostic areas lately. Only question is can they pull off a successful integration and keep the key personel needed long term. In the past, that's been their weakness.

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