Moral Debate: Does Stem Cell Procedure Really Risk Making Monkeys More Humanlike?

While the group agrees it is "unlikely that grafting human stem cells into the brains of non-human primates would alter the animals' abilities in morally relevant ways," the members "also felt strongly that the risk of doing so is real and too ethically important to ignore."The panelists concluded that morally significant changes are least likely if the research is done on adult primates as opposed to those whose brains are still developing. Further, abhorent alterations would be less likely by using primates more distantly related to humans, such as macaque monkeys, rathern than closer relatives like apes and chimpanzees.

Moral Debate: Procedure Risks Making Monkeys More Humanlike - Yahoo! News

BioBOOM Op/Ed: PLANET OF THE APES? Should we stop training dogs too? Seems that makes them smarter and some owners would swear almost human. If one has some kind of moral or religious objection, the article says, "Many procedures in medicine are unnatural but are not necessarily considered unethical. Pig cells have been studied for use in people with Parkinson's disease."

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