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"Ecce Homology," an interactive "bioart" installation to be showcased at SIGGRAPH 2005 - in Los Angeles, July 31 through Aug. 4 - quite literally makes BLAST and genomics visible. Headed up by new-media artist Ruth West - director of visual analytics and interactive technologies at the University of California, San Diego National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research and research associate with the UCSD Center for Research and Computing in the Arts - the "Ecce Homology" project is an ongoing collaboration among 11 biologists, artists and computer scientists from UCSD, UCLA and the University of Southern California.

The visualization of the genome itself is based on an ideographic and pictographic language reminiscent of Chinese calligraphy or Sanskrit writing. Motivated by the desire to escape looking at long strings of ACTG nucleotide lists, or other linear visualizations of DNA and proteins, in their process for creating the pictograms. To create the novel visualization of DNA and proteins, they created a virtual calligraphic brush. The brush remains motionless unless it is given biological information, data from DNA and proteins sequence from the genome. It is this information that creates the luminous pictograms that flow from the brush. The pictograms are then projected along the 60-foot long, 12-foot high span in the gallery.

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in silico v1.0: Ecce Homology

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