Americans Endure 4 Million Drug Reactions a Year

They found that of 500 people, seven would see a doctor for an adverse drug reaction in one year," Zhan said. If you are a doctor, of every 270 patients there will be one who has an adverse drug reaction. If you are an emergency room doctor, then one patient out of every 133 will be seen for an adverse drug reaction


BioBOOM Op/Ed: Well that's a huge burden on health care systems. 74% of people with adverse drug reactions were seen at a doctor's office, 20%went to hospital emergency rooms, and 6% were seen at hospital outpatient departments, according to the report. Besides improved computer records and the suggestion to discuss treatment with relatives whom may also have had reactions may we suggest the need for metabolic profiling and additional investment in genomic screening for a more personalized approach, which the article does not seem to mention.


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