Test reveals gender early in pregnancy Ethicists fear use in sex selection

Scientific work on fetal DNA analysis has been racing ahead since the late 1990s, when researchers first discovered, to their amazement, that in a pregnant woman's blood, some ''cell-free" DNA -- DNA that is floating around in clumps rather than contained in the nucleus of a cell -- comes from the fetus. The fetal DNA is believed to get into the mother's blood through the barrier of the placenta. The test includes a finger-prick kit for collecting a blood specimen, which is then sent to the lab for analysis. The lab amplifies the DNA and then looks for the presence of a Y chromosome, which only males have. Presence of the chromosome generally means the fetus must be male; its absence means a female

Test reveals gender early in pregnancy Ethicists fear use in sex selection - The Boston Globe - Boston.com - Women's Health - Your Life

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Boy's R Us? Best use for technology will be for Down's syndrome or other genetic diseases. Despite the concerns of a bias towards male selection it's ironic that a number of the feared problems that could be inherited are more male related. Therefore "enlighted" expecting parents might be better off hoping for a female child. Well that's what my daughter will tell me. All this comes down to education. Lets not shoot the messenger or the technology but rather educate the misguided. Some people just want to know so they can decide a paint color for the nursery.


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