Study: Genes Play Role in Women's Orgasms

A woman's ability to have an orgasm is at least partly determined by her genes and can't be blamed entirely on cultural influences, new research suggests. Specialists say the findings don't mean women who inherit an unfortunate gene package are doomed. They just mean that more work, or patience, is required. The main benefit of discovering the genetic elements of sexual function, experts say, is to help scientists find better treatments for sexual problems. The study was reported this week in Biology Letters, a journal of the Royal Society, Britain's independent academy of science.

Study: Genes Play Role in Women's Orgasms - Yahoo! News

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Ok Ok don't we now know almost everything is gene related? Big market for a test we bet. And reminds us of a joke - A woman went to a doctor and said , doctor, I have a problem. every time I sneeze I have an orgasm. the doctor said, oh really, what have you been doing for it. the woman replied, snorting pepper.

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