SBA policy may impede VC funded BioTech firms

The Small Business Innovative Research grants from the U.S. Small Business Administration are supposed to help small companies pursue innovative research. But the eligibility rules have recently been reinterpreted by the SBA to eliminate companies that are more than 50 percent backed by venture capitalists if the venture capital firms fund other companies with a total of more than 500 employees - Business: Venture-capital policy impedes stem cell firms

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Well now we're not using VC or SBA money yet. ummmm? Time to apply? This is a problem for those currently estabilshed (might free up some funds perhaps) and it's also a warning for new ventures not to let your venture partners cross that 50% ownership level if you want to apply for any SBIR's. Or at least pick your partners carefully based on their other relationships

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