New Study Shows Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Classified by ``MicroRNA'' Expression

Results may have implications in determining optimal stem cell lines for therapeutic research. Increasing evidence indicates miRNAs, a recently discovered class of small RNA molecules, play a powerful gene regulatory role in cell differentiation and developmental biology, cancer, and other diseases. "The different microRNA expression profiles in embryonic stem cells suggest some embryonic cell cultures may contain variable subpopulations of spontaneously differentiated cells," said William M. Strauss, Ph.D.

New Study Shows Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Classified by ``MicroRNA'' Expression:

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Someone asked us, while in the hallway at Bio2005, what the next big buzz in biotech is - we'll we're here to say it's microRNA. Watch the developments in this area. Just as SNP's got lots of noise and then it seemed siRNA took over the attention of the research market, we think we'll be seeing lots of papers and press on anything relating to microRNA. Those companies and researchers that take the lead in this area could create significant value.


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