NCI to implement use of genomics/proteomics to test drugs

The National Cancer Institute plans to change the way it tests drugs in an effort to speed life-saving medicines to patients. Drawing on a better understanding of the genes and proteins that fuel cancer growth, scientists hope to run smaller, more focused studies of promising new drugs to save time and money, says James Doroshow, the NCI's director of cancer treatment and diagnosis. Making these changes will cost about $113 million over five years.

Genetics may determine who benefits from cancer drugs

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Great, finally, clinical trial stratification using genomic and proteomic tools.Should narrow down the population and speed up the data analysis. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS! Only problem is we have a limited number of M.D.'s who would qualify to run them. SO Training, Training, Training or what about a subset of medical Ph.D's?

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