Is Hormone Oxytocin 'Trust In A Bottle?'

Swiss and American scientists demonstrate in new experiments with a nasal spray containing the hormone oxytocin. After a few squirts, human subjects were significantly more trusting and willing to invest money with no ironclad promise of a profit.

CBS News | Is Hormone 'Trust In A Bottle?' | June 1, 2005�14:30:10

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Creates an interesting dillema don't ya think? Time to get the old squirty flower lapel on the cars salesman suit. mmmmm Wonder if the air over North Korea needs some seeding. But we bet the Swiss will try to prove the stuff is already in chocolate. There is also some evidence that oxytocin can help prevent breast cancer because it inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells in vitro. A loving, caring touch makes our bodies to release oxytocin, as does nipple stimulation like when baby suckles the breast.(M aybe all these babies who like to play with the one nipple while suckling the other are doing a favor for their mothers!) This might explain in part why breastfeeding and being sexually active lowers a woman's breast cancer risk. Non-breastfeeding women can benefit from oxytocin by rubbing and tweaking their nipples regularly. Ok another thought but not sure our lawyers would appreciate it

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Pearlie Guerrier said...

It is an interesting dilemma. I wonder what else this hormone can do.

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