Invitrogen and ABI set up co-marketing in proteomics

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Invitrogen and ABI announced a co-marketing agreement focused on the Proteomics market while at the American Society of Mass Spectrometry annual meeting in San Antonio (nice touch). What maybe more interesting is the two press releases discribing the effort from the two companies. Look and compare..... why 2 releases? Ok time to look up some guidance on this new marketing trick from Ries and Trout who's teachings we follow. Nope not there, something about consistancy if we recall correctly. Oh well, would have been fun to be in on the discussion between the two marcom groups to get these out. Either way it's a formidable alliance to watch. Of course big relationships bring their own type of expectations and pressures - just ask Ben and J-Lo. If the process has problems in someones lab will we see finger pointing or problems solving?


Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen Corporation Form Strategic Alliance to Deliver Advanced Proteomic Solutions for Biomarker Discovery and Validation


Invitrogen Corporation Expands Proteomics Capabilities with Launch of Mass Spectrometry Solutions and Co-Marketing Agreement with Applied Biosystems:

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