Insurer Pushes Pill-Splitting Savings

For every patient that chooses to reduce their costs by 50 percent, it would reduce ours and their employer's cost by half of the cost of that prescription as well. The question is how many consumers would be willing to participate. Chopping his Lipitor tablets in half gives Randy Schneider a little thrill. "I kind of chuckle when I do this," said the 41-year-old line worker at a cheese factory. "It's like I'm making good money per minute if you figure it out."

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Well that's thinking outside the box. Hey lets get 4x strength and chop em in quarters. Wonder if Pharma will just counter the trend, reduce size and only sell children's doses so we all have to take 4 to get to adult strength. In the end, what it comes down to we hope, is proper assessment and better diagnostic tools to measure an individual's metabolic uptake and customize formulation to counter potential side affects. Not sure why they use dosage strength based cost instead of just a flat reimbursement for the therapy(drug) regardless of strength. Otherwise let's smuggle in a 10lb pill from Canada and nibble like gerbils once a day. Isn't the production costs the least part of the price calculation and rather the overhead plus early R&D, clin trials and marketing the bigger components? Otherwise we should be paying 5cents ea

Insurer Pushes Pill-Splitting Savings - Yahoo! News

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