BM - Self-Imposed Ban on Drug Ads

The company said it wanted to give doctors time to understand new products before patients begin asking for them. "We want to make sure that before we start mass media - television, radio and print branded advertising - that physicians have a level of comfort about the treatment and which patients are appropriate for it," Brian Henry, a spokesman for Bristol-Myers, said.

A Self-Imposed Ban on Drug Ads - New York Times

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Sure they will.... ??? Looks to be an interesting position so their detailers can differentiate themselves as a company "above the fray" during the calls to M.D.'s but frankly this is the era of rapid, instant multichannel marketing and communication. In fact, "they" may say they won't advertise to the customer/patient/end user yet we promise you we will continue to see rapid growth in communication especially about drug therapy. People who are sick and looking for cures even follow Phase 1 data now, then THEY write in their blog about it. So it's going to happen anyways. If BM wants to let others control this info - should be fun to watch when someone throws out wrong or disinformation. Suggest whomever is in their marketing dept. wake up, and don't add their own self made barriers to growth/communication including an internal regulatory control above what the governments may put in place. If I am a competitor this is a wonderful present. It's the 21st century in communication and read the book Building Global Biobrands by Simon and Kotler. This move diffentiates though, so like we said will be interesting to watch how they manage it. Communicate but BE HONEST is our rule.

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