Bill Gates to finance Aussie TB research

The deal between the Gates-funded Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) and the Sydney-based Proteome Systems was due to be announced overnight at the international Bio 2005 conference in Philadelphia. It will allow Proteome to fast-track the development of a rapid antigen-based diagnostic test for TB, a disease that is present in one-third of the world's population and kills 2million people a year. The disease is on the march with several new drug-resistant strains. Proteome's test aims to reduce the time taken to detect active TB from 24 hours to just three minutes while at the same time

The Australian: Bill Gates to finance Aussie TB research [June 21, 2005]

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Hey FIND give us a call we got all kinds of ideas and tools for "new diagnostics". Ok - ok, maybe we'll try to find you at one of the evening get togethers. For those attending the Bio 2005 with us in Philly am sure you all will agree that it's #$%^ crowded! Our feet hurt from all the walking and the backpacks are over flowing with literature plus there is some pretty interesting promotional items. If Minnesota would just give us one of those cool fish luer mailboxes in their booth we might consider moving the company there. Never seen so many country or state pavillions splurging tax dollars to encourage companies to move and set up shop in their locations.

Another view on this spending to luer in biotech companies to one's home turf can be read at:

Biotech strategy may be poison pill - Business - Business -

Oh well, like we say, it's the BioBOOM era

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