A.M.A. to Study Effect of Marketing Drugs to Consumers

The A.M.A., with nearly a quarter-million members, is the latest group increasing pressure on the pharmaceutical industry. The Food and Drug Administration has recently raised its surveillance of drug advertising, sending out 13 warning letters this year on advertising-related issues. The United States House of Representatives voted this month to double the F.D.A.'s budget for monitoring the advertising of pharmaceuticals to consumers

A.M.A. to Study Effect of Marketing Drugs to Consumers - New York Times

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Another reaction to the Vioxx, Tysabri and some even say now that Crestor's misleading. If someone is misrepresenting the product or manipulating the data then toss em in the brig! But almost smells like scape goat time to go after some product manager or ad manager. At least they didn't vote to ban adverstising... as today, with the web, we are often more informed on what we would be taking than our own physician. Of course the paradigm shift to more personalized medicine and screening with genomic/proteomic assays would help also. We're also guessing the fast talking voice over actors that have to read the disclaimers or notes concerning the side affects might wanna consider s l o w i ng d o w n. . .

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