France sets up agency for medical bioethics

France inaugurated a specialised agency for approving research on embryonic stem cells and vetting organ donations and other bioethics issues.The creation of the Biomedicine Agency follows up on a new law, approved by parliament last August and due to take effect this month. The Agency for Biomedicine will also be in charge of authorising screening of IVF embryos that are selected to be free of inherited disease and which are destined, after birth, for providing bone marrow or other replaceable tissue for sick siblings.

France sets up agency for medical bioethics - Yahoo! News

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Armand Rousso said...

This was essential and am glad this agency has seen the light of the day.

The speed with which biotechnology is moving, it seems that day is not very far when we will be able to do everything we consider supernatural and god-made now. In such a scenario, regulatory agencies become necessary to check unethical utilization of the fruits of human efforts in this field.

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