Drug groups in talks to hire consultancy to 'spy' on blogs

Several of the world's leading pharmaceutical groups and at least one regulator are in talks about hiring a computer consultancy company that has devised software to "spy" on internet conversations about medicines. The system can seek out, classify and identify thousands of internet messages a day making references to drugs in an attempt to warn companies of potential side effects or gauge positive or negative opinions that could affect their image.

FT.com / Home UK - Drug groups in talks to hire consultancy to 'spy' on blogs

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Ok bring it ON!... now only if they use the info to improve vs. get defensive and blast the nightly news airways with ads and disclaims. Our view is the flatness of growth recently in the pharma supply market is caused somewhat by the fact that the budget process may lean more towards legal and PR lately than research and trials. Must be fun in the annual budget meetings. Just look at the recent announcements on Viagra and blindness, and Vioxx, Tysabri, Avonex, Bextra.....which maybe causing them to overreact. Suggest they start using more genomic and metobolic profiling tools in early research and trials rather than the Joseph Goebbels approach to PR management.


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