Cancer Drugs Attack Tumors in Many Ways (from ASCO meeting)

At American Society for Clinical Oncology, a cancer meeting Friday, doctors reported that one of Pfizer's new multitasking drugs shrank tumors in 40 percent of people with advanced kidney cancer . Current treatments do that in only about 1 out of 10 cases. Some patients have been on the experimental drug for more than a year far longer than they'd been expected to live.Kurt Bonham is one. The California accountant was only 49 when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer that had already spread to his lungs. 'I'd been given my death sentence,' he said. Now, 13 large masses in his lungs have been reduced to specks. If I can have five more years, I think that they can come up with something fandangled that will either cure the cancer or manage it,' he said."

Cancer Drugs Attack Tumors in Many Ways - Yahoo! News:

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