Silicone Breast Implants Aren't Safe

It's not new news, yet the subject keeps resurfacing.

Mentor Corp. and Inamed Corp.'s, (both of Santa Barbara, CA) silicone breast implants aren't any safer than when U.S. regulators banned earlier devices 13 years ago, patients and their advocates told government advisers today. The testimonies are part of a three day workshop where doctors and scientists will vote on whether the FDA should allow sales of silicone implants. Inamed and Mentor claimed that data they gathered (on a whooping 23 women) showed their silicone implants are safe.

Meanwhile: Mentor shares rose to $34.46 (up by 27 cents) in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. Inamed shares fell $65.02 (down by 57 cents) in Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading. Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp. said 21 March, that it intends to buy Inamed for about $2.8 billion in cash and stock.

Bloomberg report

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I agreed with it that silicone breast implants aren't safe as there is risk of rupturing the breast implants. Many women also claims for their ruptured breast implants.

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