Affymetrix's new tiling microarrays may cause to question current views on genome research

A high-resolution scan of structure and function for nearly 30 percent of the human genome sequence was completed. They scaned the sequence of 10 human chromosomes and found that roughly 15 percent of the DNA sequence analyzed was transcribed; most sites of transcription were not located in areas associated with protein-coding genes. "The findings of this study compel us to reconsider how the genome is organized and regulated," said Thomas Gingeras, Vice President for Biological Research at Affymetrix and senior author of the Science manuscript. "These data point us toward two critical and exciting questions: What are the functions of these previously unannotated transcripts and what are the regulation schemes that orchestrate such complex assemblies of transcription? It seems certain that this is not the genome we learned about while in school."

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