QIAGEN Adds Novel Technology for Haplotype Specific Extraction (HSE)

The Haplotype Specific Extraction (HSE) method physically separates DNA into its haploid components by exploiting the heterozygous differences between gene variants and enables clinicians and researchers to determine the exact location of a mutation on both haploid copies of the genome. Most diseases, cell functions and differences in patient's drug response rates are related to different mutations on different genes of the genome. The precise determination of mutations on the same chromosome or on different chromosomes can be important in the clinical prognosis of diseases, HLA typing with transplantations, pharmacogenomics or oncology testing. The technology has been validated for use in concert with a suite of QIAGEN's magnetic bead-based and automated DNA purification solutions.

Press Release:
QIAGEN Adds Novel Technology for Haplotype Specific Extraction (HSE)

BioBOOM Op/Ed: Seems with the NIH budget and concern of minimal research $ growth in 2005/06 everyone is running after molecular diagnostic markets. The battle is engaged between Qiagen and Invitrogen (Dynal), especially in the HLA arena and mag bead protocols in 2005, even if Invitrogen lacks automation/platforms to execute a complete system solution strategy. Watch the push to leverage other areas such as labeling and media. One question is: where is Applera in the front end game? Nice for Roche MDx that all will be fighting to give them new innovation. And what ever happpened to the small, private, one trick salt-out pony, Gentra? Oh well, pass the fries we need to salt em. And to think that the old Chapt 11 Oncor could have owned this market, now that's humorous!

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